Is it Worth Having Two Family Cars?

There are many families that have more than one car. It means that it is easier to get family members around and if you are not near to services such as shops and schools then it could feel necessary. However, running on car is really expensive and so having two is even more so. This means that you need to think carefully about whether you should have more than one car or whether you will be better off saving the money.

Costs of a car

You should be aware of how much a car costs, but as there are so many different expenses it is sometimes hard to actually work it out. It is worth adding up all of the costs so that you know exactly how much it is and this could help you in your decision making as to whether it is a good idea to have one. There is the cost of the car including the cost of any loans you may have taken out to buy it. The tax, insurance, MOT and servicing as well as any repairs, new tyres, bulbs, wiper blades and things like that also need to be accounted for. Then there is the cost of fuel, which can be very expensive and if you have a large car then it will take more fuel to drive. If you actually calculate the costs of all of these things you might be in for a shock as to how much the car actually costs to run.

Advantages of a car

Of course, having a car has a lot of benefits. It means that you can more easily get to work, get the children to school and go shopping and run other errands. Some people have no choice if they live far away from services and there is no public transport or it does not run at the right time. However, many people do live near to services and they still choose to drive and it is these that need to consider whether the advantages of having a car outweighs the costs.

It can be a lot more convenient. It can mean that you do not have to coordinate with each other to make sure that you can use the car when you need it. It means that you can drive to different places at the same time, which can be very useful if one person needs to go to work and the other do the school run.

Weighing things up

It can be a good idea to note down all of the car journeys that you take and consider whether there was an alternative. You may have been able to walk or cycle perhaps or take a bus or train. It might be that if you have one car then you might be able to travel in that rather than split between two cars.

Once you get used to having a car it can be difficult to do without it. However, if you are used to having none or just one in a family, it is a lot easier to continue with that rather than buying a second car. Once you buy one, you may become reliant on it and that could mean that you will then be stuck with the expense of having two cars for a very long time.

It is important to think about the cost of the car and whether you think that it is worth it. Consider whether you in fact have enough money to actually afford it. If you do have the money then you need to consider whether you think that using it on a car is a good use of that money or whether you feel that it would be better spent elsewhere. Consider what other things you could spend that money on and that will help you to know whether you think it is worth it. Some people will not be without their car, they feel it gives them a freedom that they cannot get elsewhere. Of course, the car may also be necessary for work as if the two drivers work in completely different places and cannot get to work without a car then they will need it if they want the job. By doing away with a car they will also have to leave their job.

It is worth thinking about why you want your car and whether it is just a possession that you are close to rather than something that is necessary for you to have. Possessions are hard to part with but you need to consider whether it is worth keeping considering how much it is costing you. Consider whether you are getting good value for money or whether you are just paying more for something than you really should be.

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